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We create websites that are simple to navigate and easy to use because we know this approach drives conversions and results.

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Our approach

Your website is your first impression. And it's hard for it to live up to your customer's expectations. It needs to be engaging, informative, and unique enough that visitors will want to stay on the website and explore what you have to offer.

This is why we pay attention to every detail and divide the implementation process into six stages in order to create an excellent online presence of your business.

Our methodology/process

Well-designed websites offer much more than just aesthetics. They attract visitors and help people understand your products, your business, and your branding through a variety of indicators, encompassing visuals, text, and interactions. That means every element of your site needs to work towards a defined goal.

But how do you achieve that harmonious synthesis of elements? Through a holistic web design process that takes both form and function into account:

  1. Planning. We determine what we expect from the creation of the website (what goals the new website needs to fulfill) and we collect the material already exists (texts, logo, photos, videos etc.)
  2. Copywriting. We write the text for the website in a way that aims to increase your brand awareness.
  3. Wireframing. We design a wireframe of the website. This is a layout of the website that demonstrates what interface elements will exist on key pages.
  4. Design. We turning the wireframes into a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. At this stage, you will see the design come together.
  5. Development. We build the interactivity of your website usually through animations and transitions. Interactive design websites can create lasting effects in user’s minds. This improves your brand awareness.
  6. Launch. After successful testing the website is delivered/deployed for everyone to visit and use.

Our solutions

We have created three predefined packages that can meet the requirements of most small to medium sized businesses.

  • Planning
  • Copywriting (up to 300 words)
  • Wireframing (single page)
  • Design (single page)
  • Development
  • Launch
480€ + 24% VAT*
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  • Planning
  • Copywriting (up to 600 words)
  • Wireframing (up to 5 pages)
  • Design (up to 5 pages)
  • Development
  • Launch
960€ + 24% VAT*
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  • Planning
  • Copywriting (up to 900 words)
  • Wireframing (up to 8 pages)
  • Design (up to 8 pages)
  • Development (with CMS)
  • Launch
1920€ + 24% VAT*
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* When applicable.

Please note that these three solutions are for brochure websites of small to medium sized businesses that do not include special features like custom payment system or blog functionality.

If you would like a tailor-made solution with some special features or requirements please contact us so that we can send you a custom offer.

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