7 tips that will give a definite boost to the visits of your website

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If your corporate website traffic is low to non-existent, it is a good idea to re-evaluate the dynamics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A proper strategy for optimizing the online corporate presence in search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) can dramatically increase website traffic.

Here are 7 small tips that will give a definite boost to the traffic of each website:

  1. Google Search Console. If you have not registered and set up this service then you may not know if your website has been properly indexed by Google.
  2. Redirects and non-existent links. Avoid redirects that are not absolutely necessary on your website and try to remove links that end in deleted pages or incorrect addresses (404 - not found pages).
  3. Performance and speed. Search engines take the performance and speed of your website very seriously. Avoid using large volume photos and remove plugins that are not absolutely necessary.
  4. Mobile-Friendly. If your website is not mobile-friendly or responsive, then I think it's time to invest in creating a new website.
  5. Content. The content of your website (texts, photos, videos) is the A and the Z in terms of SEO and the general presentation of your business on the internet. Use keywords that will make it easier for search engines to index the site properly but never forget that the text should be aimed at people and not at search engines.
  6. Reviews. It is important when your company / business gets a positive or negative review or comment on the internet then to respond to it. Google attaches great importance to reviews about your business.
  7. Email Campaigns. Start or grow your mailing list. Email campaigns have been and will be one of the most important ways of web marketing.
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