3 things your website needs to have in order to attract millennials

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In order to attract new people to your website, you must first understand them, learn their way of thinking and their habits.

First of all, millennials (or Generation Y) are those born between 1980 and 2000. I belong to this generation too, so I can say that I know quite well what we are asking from a modern website.

According to research, the generation of millennials saves little and spends more on experiences than on material goods. Their expenses mainly concern travel, technology and entertainment. This has greatly changed the markets which are adapting to operate on the basis of the new data.

Another major characteristic of millennials is that they rarely watch TV and they prefer the internet for information, entertainment and shopping.

So according to the above, I will list 3 features that your website in my opinion is necessary to have in order to attract millennials:

  1. First gain confidence, then sold. Young people want to trust you before they buy from you. Gain their trust by providing something without expecting anything in return. This has to do with your business and the sector in which it is stationed. For example, a gym could offer a limited number of vouchers for a free group program session, or a travel agency can offer a free online travel guide to the cities or islands in which it operates.
  2. Ask their opinion. Millennials like to share their ideas. There are many examples of companies and brands that asked the public for a new product through online campaigns and were a complete success. An example is Heinz, which asked the first 57 visitors to a new website to design a new cap for its bottles.
  3. You have 5 seconds. The duration of attention of a young person is short. The average time they will spend deciding if your website has what they are looking for is about 5 seconds. If in these 5 seconds your website has not 'loaded' yet or is initially full of unnecessary text, photos or videos ασ you have lost them. Think minimalist, and immediately pass the basic information to the top of your website.
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